What does it MEAN that Lowly Property Manager is #1?


At first I thought my MY HOME sidebar was WRONG as it showed that I was   
#1  in Charlottesville and #1 in Albemarle county and #6 in Virginia...YEOW!
For a lowly property manager, I'm pretty pleased to have been on
The Rain aslong as I have and kept it up.....sure, there have been
   some "down times" when my husband had health problems and I had to
   micro-manage a total kitchen renovation * which is not finished and still needs
   to be painted and the ceramictile sitting on the pallet in my drive put down in it
   and my office/dog porch * and NOW I am back, ready to dispense property
   management and real estate wisdom...... 
As Wikipedia describes the term...A maven (also mavin) is a trusted
    expert in a  particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word
    maven comes from Hebrew, meaning "one who understands", based on
    an accumulation of knowledge.[1] 
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#1 Pink sweater w cpm key smallest Real Estate Broker/Owner 1,091,882 4,223 75  
#2 Charles sq Real Estate Broker/Owner 1,013,316 1,965 23  
#3 Pam romance 3 009 Real Estate Agent 406,175 895 2  
#4 Gardner virginia 2011 dsc 5638 Real Estate Agent 148,940 299 9  
#5 Kw1603104f02 Real Estate Agent 139,021 226 3  
#6 Use this   peg gilliland head shot Real Estate Broker/Owner 114,174 282 0  
#7 Nancy%20va%20pic Real Estate Agent 106,199 290 0  
#8 Re%20pic%203 Real Estate Agent 99,564 411 0  
#9 100 0741 Real Estate Agent 78,184 0 0  
#10 5356 Real Estate Agent 77,790 88 0




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Comment balloon 10 commentsWallace S. Gibson, CPM • January 03 2015 04:54AM
What does it MEAN that Lowly Property Manager is #1?
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