Be careful when dealing with prospective tenants' "surrogate" in the process....

As I was in BEST BUY today, I received a cel phone call from a woman who wanted to view a property of mine that is vacant and available (although I send out a lease packet tomorrow and already have FMR and SD check in hand)....she has friends moving back to the area from NH and want a home in that neighborhood....I indicated I did not deal with "surrogates", that I had an application on the property and if her NH friends would like to be in a back-up position for the home, they can download an application complete it and fax it back to me....she got really RUDE (now visualize, I answered her call on a Sunday * albiet pre-NASCAR race * there are photos and floor plans of the home on my website with 20+ photos and that her friends had lived in the area before and knew where the home was situated) and she insisted I show her the property.  When I told her I did not show property or deal with surrogates, she got REALLY RUDE....yeah!! I really want to run over and show her property after she insults me, my renting prowess and my service to my clients.  Her parting comment was what if she had actually said she was a prospective tenant * I responded that she would have wasted both of our time if she was not prepared to hand me a completed rental application and check at the viewing and that once I learned she had lied to me, I would have returned them to her....

My thought process is that if they want to see the property, get in a car, hop on a plane....JACK.  If they want to rent the property, the process is in place * it is not my responsibility to calm their fears as to the condition of the property and I will not be responsible for what their friend/surrogate tells them about the property * good or bad or incorrect.  I've been credited with saying or representing something that was not even discussed with the "friend" so I've learned NOT to deal with them....that way, I am not misrepresented and the prospective tenants are not mislead....the extra layer/conduit is not necessary!! 




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