SmartPhone Property Manager (Landlord)#6...YES! I have a Bluetooth!

At  last, both of my cars have that I have my latest "dog car", both of my cars have bluetooth so that each car can now be "paired" with my cel phone....YEAH!

In addition to being HANDS-FREE, the phone system in my cars (both Lexus) actually extends the range of my cel phone coverage.  Where I used to have dropped cel phone calls, the calls now continue to be connected and clear.


NO MORE MESSY EAR BUDS to have to charge and that get lost!  DOUBLE YEAH!


NOW that I have this technology whipped...I am on to getting a land line phone set with bluetooth so that I can use my LAND LINE to answer cel phone calls at my home/office.


I recently purchased a very small HMDX JAM classic rechargeable speaker with bluetooth...I can use my smartphone Pandora app to play music when I am outside on my deck or porch.  It charges from my computer USB and plays for up to 4 hours.  Great accessory for an Open House in a vacant property!


I LVE it when technology gets so simple I can understand it!




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SmartPhone Property Manager (Landlord)#6… YES! I have a Bluetooth!
At last, both of my cars have bluetooth… now that I have my latest "dog car", both of my cars have bluetooth so that each car can now be "paired" with my cel phone… YEAH! In addition to being HANDS-FREE, the… more
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