Recent Blog Post Gets Complaint from BBB...I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

I recently wrote a blog post about charging a tenant with half of the cost of a HVAC service call.

 Tenant wants RECONSIDERATION of $ervice Call....Sure, I'll REconsider!

At about the same time, I had a showing request from an insistent rental prospect who demanded I show him and his girl friend an occupied home.


After explaining my process and requesting that they use the contact/inquire option from the property listing on my website, I receive an e-mail that critiques my 1) use of AOL as my contact e-mail provider on my website; 2) website because it is OLD and OUTDATED;   3) business practices; and toward the end of his electronic rant he proceeds to tell me that my business model will fail and if after my going bankrupt he sees me living in a box he would not be surprised....and, he is reporting me to the Better Business Bureau.


Sure enough, I get a written form from the BBB yesterday which is basically the same information that is contained in his latest e-mail with the notation from them that no action will be taken on his contact.


His BBB complaint is based on my recent blog post regarding a resident asking me to RECONSIDER my charging them for one-half of a service call.


I write these posts for 2 REASONS...1) so that rental prospects like him go elsewhere and FAST; and 2) so that my clients and would-be clients see that I am looking out for THEIR best interest$ with my screening practices AND my tenant policies. 


Did I mention that in his RANT, he gave his EMPLOYER’S contact information in his e-mail signature AND his e-mail is hosted by his EMPLOYER?




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