SmartyPhone Property Manager (Landlord) #1 * It's NOT Expensive

As someone who NEVER wants to be ahead of the curve, I'm on my 3rd smartyphone - ALL Google/Android - all through Sprint PCS.  



Somehow I came to the realization that I did not want to be stuck with iTunes/Apple platform and I went ALL Google/Android and ALL Samsung which has made life a lot easier....I don't get to buy my phone cases from Vera Bradley OR Kate Spade; however, I have lots of apps AND my Google Contacts/Email/+, etc.

As a sole operator of my property management business, I can keep almost everything except my property management softward IN THE CLOUD.

I scan and upload all of my documents to my GoogleDrive; keep my TENANT * CLIENT * BUSINESS * FREQUENT CALLS * PERSONAL contacts in my Google Contacts AND I even have a category for my property KEY TAGS that correspond with my key cabinet coding and which has pictures of the property AND directions to the property under the NOTES section of Google Contacts.  When "contacts" are changed, they are automatically changed in my desktop, tablet and phone.

When someone calls me * Client * Tenant * Service Vendor, their name is displayed and their photo if we are friends on Fb or Google+.....I have also uploaded business cards when I have them and those show up as images also.

No more traveling with lists of tenants * vendors or owners and no more wondering if I should answer an incoming smartyphone lets me know!




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SmartyPhone Property Manager (Landlord) #1 * It's NOT Expensive
As someone who NEVER wants to be ahead of the curve, I'm on my 3rd smartyphone - ALL Google/Android - all through Sprint PCS. Somehow I came to the realization that I did not want to be stuck with iTunes/Apple platform… more
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