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23 Move-Outs since 6/20 and HALF were left "MOVE IN" Ready!!!

I am so pleased that out of 23 move-outs since Friday, June 20th, 5 of the properties were PERFECT * even to there being full toilet paper rolls in each bath....

My leases expire at noon on 3rd Friday of June, July or August....I allow 7 to 10 days for "make ready" down time between residents....5 of my properties were left in PERFECT condition.  When I did the check-out inspection absolutely NOTHING needed to be done prior to the new residents moving in.

Normally, I leave the property keys under the front door mat the day before the lease starts for new residents (I've already collected the FMR and SD with the lease signing).  At the same time, I install Citrus Magic odor absorbing cannisters over the refrigerator, in each bath, in the master closet and laundry room.  I also install a new full roll of toilet paper in each bath (Scotts Septic Safe) and place a new door mat at the front door and rotate any mat at the front door to the back/garage entry.

In most cases, the departing residents used the house cleaning and carpet cleaning services I recommended * they scheduled early and worked back on their move-out scheduling.  When these services know that the property is under my management, they take special care and often call me to let me know if there is a problem with their cleaning, they'll go back and fix it before the next residents arrive.

Next year, I will add the contact information my regular yard service as some yards needed attention with overgrown scrubs/bushes and weeds in the mulch I had put down in the spring.

Two properties had leaks from the second floor bathrooms - inattention to the jacuzzi jets and leaking hand held shower heads * so while the leaks were repaired when the residents reported the damage, I planned on repairing the first floor ceilings once the residents had departed.  Repainting a ceiling with a bright white in contrast to walls REALLY brightens up a room - I take new pictures after this painting is done.

To counter the potential for lost ceiling fan remotes, I am having newly installed ceiling fans re-wired to a reostat wall switch.  I am also installing high-end Pella storm doors where possible.  They really dress up the front of the property and help tenants with energy costs in summer and winter.  Storm doors also assist in protecting the door finish and cut down on repainting/restaining expense.

All-in-all - I am very pleased with the condition of these properties and my owners are VERY pleased at the increased rent I'll be able to get for them for the next 12 or 24 months!!!




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I am so pleased that out of 23 move-outs since Friday, June 20th, 5 of the properties were PERFECT * even to there being full toilet paper rolls in each bath… My leases expire at noon on 3rd Friday of June, July or August… I allow 7 to 10… more
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