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Sorry.....this is why I no longer give out client references~!~

About 20 years ago, I started getting would-be client requests for current client references.  I talked to several local clients * 2 of which were real estate agents * and they agreed for me to provide their contact information....problem solved.

Then verious DIY books * including Property Management for DUMMIES * started suggesting that would-be clients get references and that they question (grill) the references in order to avoid mishaps during the management of their property.

I stopped providing reference names when a current client/reference recounted a phone call from a would-be client who seemed more interested in my client's properties than exploring my management policies and procedures. 

Where I had envisioned a 5 or 10 minute phone call to my clients, the callers were actually asking questions that they should have asked me directly * so that I could then judge if I WANTED to work with them * AND my current clients were uncomfortable.

I've stopped providing references and when would-be clients ask me for a list of my current clients, I explain that just as I would hold their contact information in confidence, I want to hold my current clients information as well as our relationship in confidence.   So far, most have appreciated my response and it is no longer an issue.



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Comment balloon 7 commentsWallace S. Gibson, CPM • September 28 2009 12:30PM
Sorry… this is why I no longer give out client references~! ~
About 20 years ago, I started getting would-be client requests for current client references. I talked to several local clients * 2 of which were real estate agents * and they agreed for me to provide their contact information… problem solved. &… more
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