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Free Marketing From Lowe's! Take Advantage Of Personalized Marketing And Attract More Clients


What a GREAT program!!! Maybe it will help Jimmie Johnson's DRIVE for 5


I want to start by saying I do not have any relationship with Lowe's in anyway. But there are free tools available to us and this is one of my favorite....and worth sharing.

Lowe's Realtor Benefits is a great free program available to all Realtors. I have been a member for many years and have gotten some great referrals and new business directly from this program. There are several facets to this program. You can use it for prospects, buyers, sellers and thank you gifts.

Once you've created your free account, you can customize your prospects and clients to recieve letters, coupons and news letters that come directly from you. These are personalized to offer your buyers, sellers and potential clients 10% off coupons from Lowe's to use anyway they like. The newsletters and mailers are also specialized to help potential clients to prepare their homes for sale, for sellers, and interesting HGTV projects for new homeowners. And because you can use your own gives you a reason to contact these clients with a real benefit they can appreciate.....Coupons.

One final benefit is a 5% discount on all gift cards....which makes a Lowe's gift card a better value to include in a closing package.

If you have programs like this to share....please let us all know. Better than a standard newsletter, this program allows us another way to keep in touch with our clients, offer them something they will actually want and use, and in a personalized manner.





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What a GREAT program!!! Maybe it will help Jimmie Johnson's DRIVE for 5 I want to start by saying I do not have any relationship with Lowe's in anyway. But there are free tools available to us and this is one of my favorite… more
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