PropertyManagementMaven: November 2011

Congratulations to All Property Management * GREAT Article in Bloomberg

I've seen some articles recently in the WSJ and other real estate trade publications and it is GREAT to see that Bloomberg has "see the light" and acknowledged that property management is a very VIABLE  real estate specialty service and that leasing UNsold homes through a professional property manager is NOT the scary scenario that is often visualized by owners leaving their homes.

Great article and as many of us in the ActiveRain Property Management group can attest, we have the knowledge and experience to work with homeowners



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Comment balloon 4 commentsWallace S. Gibson, CPM • November 29 2011 07:25PM
Congratulations to All Property Management * GREAT Article in…
I've seen some articles recently in the WSJ and other real estate trade publications and it is GREAT to see that Bloomberg has "see the light" and acknowledged that property management is a very VIABLE real estate specialty service and… more
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