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Are you a problem-solver, or a problem? Professional property Managers offer SOLUTIONS!

As a professional property manager, I am tasked with identifying the problem AND finding the solution BEFORE I call my client or customer about my CORRECTIVE actions!

Answer - drag a magnet along the parking lot....I always ask roofing contractors if they will do this AFTER REroofing one of my properties!

An agent in my office was just complaining to another agent in the office about how she'd had two flat-tires in our parking lot in the last few weeks.

She'd picked up to "screws" in her tires, and she's sure that they're from our parking lot.  Now we haven't been having any recent construction, so I find it confusing as to where/why we would have had screws in our parking lot.

Then she said the weirdest thing... she told the other agent that she was sure there were more screws out there, and people should "watch out".

The conversation was loud enough, I walked over... "So, are you telling me there are more screws on the ground in our parking lot?" I asked.

"Yes!" she said...

"And they're still out there", I asked incredulously

"I'm sure, yes"... she replied.

"There are loose screws out on the ground in our parking lot now!?...

"Yes!... why?"

"Well, did you just leave them there??"

"Yes, why... what should I do?"

"Well", I said angrily, as I gathered up my coat and flashlight to go touring the parking lot... "How about picking them up?"

Some people like to complain, and others solve problems.  I'm completely blown away that someone would know that there are loose screws in the parking lot, just waiting to embed themselves in someone else's tires, and they do nothing to prevent that from happening... either pick them up, or tell someone so they can pick them up.

"Why" she asked me "is it my responsibility?"

Sorry... she just doesn't get it.  It's not my responsibility either... but I can't, in good consciousness, walk away knowing that those screws are out there, and someone will get a flat-tire.


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