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My Agents Cannot Figure Out Why I Am At The Top Of The Sales Leaderboard


It WORKS so keep WORKING it!  I am amazed that more property managers do not blog....the specialty is SO EASY to write blogs about - who would figure I would get a FEATURE post with almost 130 comments about a tenant showing?


I have told my agents and trainer over and over again why I am so successful selling real estate. I keep telling them it is because I am blogging and working on SEO for my many websites and blogs!

My trainer is old school and he sends out the cards to make contact with past clients. I believe that is great but what is he or the other agents doing to attract new business off the internet where most people begin their house search? My trainer might surge ahead of me by the end of the year but I don't think so. The dynamics are changing and we have to change also. I barely edged him out last year.

I am sure someone commenting will know the exact percentage of home searches that begins on the internet but I am thinking it is around 80%.

About 4 years ago, I hosted the first mini raincamp here in Dyersburg. I flew Brad Andersohn out here from California and advertised and had several people attend including all my office staff and agents.

Well Brad, I guess it didn't stick because none of those agents are blogging now and they are scratching their heads wondering what is going on.

Over the last two days I have received 2 different telephone calls asking me to help them find and buy a house. What's the first question I ask them? Thats right, "How did you find me"? Both of them told me that they got on Google searching for Dyersburg real estate and Dyersburg homes for sale and I was everywhere they turned so I must know a thing or two about the real estate business.

Actually what I know for sure is that most people begin their search on the internet for a home and not for a realtor. They are looking for information and that is what I am trying to provide, quality real estate information for the Dyersburg,Tn area.

Now I have to admit that I got another client today the old fashioned way, they walked in and I was the only agent in the office on floor time. I invite the agents to sign up for floor time but many do not.



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