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Google's +1 is Out and Ready to Use!


This is easier than I had thought.  It uses my Google profile that I have already established so I have done much of the work.  Great suggestion to have a GOOGLE Plus 1 group.


Are you a +1? Do you +1? Now you can! A couple months ago I wrote a blog introducing Google's new +1 Feature similar to Facebook's "like" button. Now Google is ready to roll it out.Google +1 Feature

You do need a Google Profile to start "+1" -ing things but go for it! It's a great way to get yourself out there more too! Simply go to Google and Sign UP! Having a Google account and profile is a great SEO tool because you can add all your  websites, social media sites and bio to your profile for others to find you.



Google +1 Feature


Want to be found? Start asking some of your colleagues and friends to +1 your site, your social media sites and more. There is already a Facebook Friday Group - Why not a +1 Group to encourage others to like and approve your sites? Here it is! - Our first Google PLUS 1 Group! Join today and help others.

"Adding the +1 button could help your site to stand out by putting personal recommendations right at the moment of decision, on Google search. So if you have users who are fans of your content, encourage them to add their voice with +1!" According to Google's Webmaster Central Blog by Kari Wilson

So what are you waiting for? Start +1ing NOW!

Here are some great sites I recommend Googling that I approve to +1!! :)


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Google's +1 is Out and Ready to Use!
This is easier than I had thought. It uses my Google profile that I have already established so I have done much of the work. Great suggestion to have a GOOGLE Plus 1 group. Are you a +1? Do you +1? Now you can! A couple… more
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