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HOA Or No HOA – Landlords Should Be Checking On Who Is Writing Them Checks Every Month.

I just turned down being the Go-TO property manager for a 37 unit self-managed HOA because the HOA wanted to be involved in the way I did business with the unit property owners...KUDOS!  Unless these rules apply to the unit PURCHASERS also, kudos for making this involvement illegal!

Arizona recently passed a new law, SB1454.  In a nutshell, the law which goes into effect in September, rules that “HOAs will no longer be able to ask homeowners to conduct background checks on their renters and landlords will no longer have to give HOAs renters personal information.” 

Many homeowners' associations belong to crime-free programs, which partner with local law enforcement to ban convicted felons, sex offenders and drug dealers from renting in their communities. Come September, property managers, investors, private owners or others, can rent to anybody despite HOA rules and regulations that prohibit sex offenders, drug dealers, felons, etc.

Those opposed say the new law will:

  • Jeopardize the safety and security of hundreds of communities across the state
  • Takes away the safety and the security of every HOA in the state of Arizona
  • Take away a homeowners peace of mind of living in a designated crime-free community

Those in favor of the law say:

  • It gives rights back to property owners to rent their property out to who they want without restrictions.

No matter your opinion on the new law, or what your opinion is about HOAs, here is what a landlord should be doing:  BACKGROUND CHECKS.  It doesn’t matter if the home is in an HOA or not, it doesn’t matter if you are a licensed property manager or not, it doesn’t matter if you want the neighbors to like you or not –  the priority should be protecting yourself and your home.

As an investor and a property manager, I personally want good tenants in rentals – whether it is in an HOA or not.  But also, I want the neighbors to be happy – you see, happy neighbors do things like call you when something is wrong, help you watch the property when it’s vacant and do other things to make your job easier.

Remember, law or no law, if you bring crime into a neighborhood – you bring it into your home.  Do background checks and protect yourself and at the same time, others.

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I just turned down being the Go-TO property manager for a 37 unit self-managed HOA because the HOA wanted to be involved in the way I did business with the unit property owners… KUDOS! Unless these rules apply to the unit PURCHASERS also, kudos… more
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