PropertyManagementMaven: January 2015

Trade HOA Stress for Success * IT'S ABOUT TIME!~

I just received an e-mail from Richard Thompson - the HOA expert - announcing his new book * Trade HOA Stress for Success and I must say HALLELUJAH!




Available in paperback for less than $10 or for Kindle FREE for subscribers....this should be a MUST read for every HOA board member, new HOA owner AND for real estate agents who sell HOA units.


There are numerous books about how to be a landlord, rental property owner or even a property manager; however, there is virtually no resource material to prepare a new HOA board member for their VOLUNTEER job handling the unit owners' MONEY!


Every new board member elected at HOA annual meetings this spring needs to be provided a FREE copy at the HOA's expense...I'll bet this saves money in the long run!




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Comment balloon 6 commentsWallace S. Gibson, CPM • January 22 2015 10:05AM
Trade HOA Stress for Success * IT'S ABOUT TIME! ~
I just received an e-mail from Richard Thompson - the HOA expert - announcing his new book * Trade HOA Stress for Success and I must say HALLELUJAH! Available in paperback for less than $10 or for Kindle FREE for… more
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